Roger O. Meadows
Lakeland, FL

QCWA # 37324
Chapter 107
AE4RM - Roger O. Meadows

11/13/2016 Update
I am now the proud owner of a Elecraft KX3. I love it. The FT990 has not been turned on since I got it and I've been using it for all my contacts. I seem to be able to make the majority of the contacts I want, even with the poor conditions, at 5watts. If there is one out there I really want I pump up the power to 15watts. I have not missed a station I wanted yet. Yes, its been a bit more work, but thats half the fun!

I'm also now using Win4K3 as my control package. I can't say enough about this control package for the KX3. Plus, the tech support is great. The developer, Tom, has answered all my questions the same day and even offered to call me to help me through an issue I was having. If you have a KX3, give Win4K3 a try!

I also hope to start using the KX3 to start working from parks, patio, etc. Its super nice out here in Florida in the fall and I hate to be inside so why not take the hobby outdoors.

8/7/2016 Update
I decided to go with a 2x2 vanity call sign. I am now AE4RM. I did it mainly because I've really gotten into CW as my main mode of operation and AE4RM is much more friendlier on the key. I also picked it because it has my initals.

I'm Roger, I'm the father of 4 beautiful girls (my pride and joy), and the survivor of a TBI. We live in the great metropolis of Polk County, Fl, just south of Lakeland. I have an Associates Degree in Electronics, and Bachelors Degree in Business with an IT concentration, and a Masters Degree in Nonprofit Management.

My new love is CW! I've just started using it the beginning of May, 2016 and have a long way to go, but it is now my preferred way of making contacts. I'm a member of the Straight Key Century Club and my number is 15542.

My station consists of a Yaesu FT-990, Dell laptop, and (for now) a Alpha Delta DX-CC as an inverted V mounted about 35 feet. My other main radio is a FT-7900r I use for local repeater operation. I use a homebrewed J-pole for 2m/440.

I grew up in Chicago and lived there until 1999 when we packed up and moved to the south to get out of the cold and snow. It also brought us closer to family. My mom lives 2 hours north in Ocala, Fl. I love the Chicago BlackHawks and am a huge hockey fan. I'm also a die-hard Chicago Fan; Cubs, Bears, and Bulls as well.

Prior to my injury I spent over 27 years in the IT industry doing everything from repairing copiers to installing, configuring and maintaining networks and automation systems. I am learning who I am again after my injury and have ventured back into Ham Radio. This was something I used to enjoy prior to our move to Florida and when I had time B.K. (before kids). My call is KG4GGG and I was originally licensed in Chicago as N9HEO. One of my instructors at DeVry, Jim Georgias, W9JUG, really got me into it.

Other than Ham Radio, I like to do yard work and mow when I am able. I also work on training my service dog, Sam(antha), a 2 year old German shepherd dog.

February 10, 2017