AC8NE - Gary F. Depalma AC8NE

Gary F. Depalma
Falling Waters, WV

QCWA # 36893
Chapter 222

First licensed in 1959 as WA2GCV and later as KD9IX when I upgraded to Advanced. I was never able to get the high speed code needed for Extra. For lack of time and equipment, I was inactive and let my license expire. I was re-licensed in December 2012 as an Extra class as AC8NE.

I am an electronics engineer and love the digital modes. I started on PSK31 and JT65 with 5-25 watts into an attic dipole. Now enjoy JT-9 as well and limit my power to 5 watts QRP (most of the time).

My rig is a TENTEC Eagle (599) for HF and I have an Yaesu FT-60R HT for VHF. I live in a no antenna community so I put a 4-band dipole in the attic. I added solar panels (24x270W) which made a great RF shield and the attic antenna is now useless. I built a wire stealth 20-15-10-6 M 1/2 wave vertical dipole. It works great on 20 and 15 but needs to be trimmed for 10. It does not work well on 6M. I may replace the 6M element with a 17 or 30M stub. I do miss 40M though.

I am a VEC and work with my club, the Antietam Radio Association.

I prefer to receive QSLs through and LotW. I upload all of my log entries to and LotW. Any contacts you enter on will be confirmed. If you send me a paper QSL, I will respond in kind. No SASE or $$ required.

. Antietam Radio Association (
. Silver Member
. TAPR (Tucson Amateur Packet Radio,

AC8NE - Gary F. Depalma

AC8NE - Gary F. Depalma

December 01, 2015