ABØC - Paul R. Poteet ABØC

Paul R. Poteet
Macon, MO

QCWA # 36272

I saw some morse code in a magazine and handed it to my XYL and told her that I knew these codes. I learned them in the Boy Scouts back in 1942. She asked me some characters and I "aced" them. Then I saw where the local ham radio club was having a meet and I attended it. Passed my Novice license on 10/1/1975 and received the call of WN0OSV. I passed my General WB0OSV on 11/16/1976 by traveling to Kansas City to take the test. Didn't have VE sessions then. On 4/25/1989 I passed my Advanced License. Finally, on 5/29/1990 I passed my Extra Class License. On 8/27/1991 I got the call of AA0FV and then on 8/24/2006 I took my vanity call of AB0C. Wow, seems like ancient history now.

I retired in 2009 from the printing profession after spending 59-1/2 years at it. Went from a "printers devil" to a business owner. My company was named ABC Printer. So the call letters AB0C seemed like a natural thing to do. hi The only drawback of working so long before retiring is that your old body has already started running down. There was a period there that I didn't do much hamming and when I did decide to get active again after retiring, I discovered I couldn't hear!! I could not pull call signs out of the QRM. That is when I looked up digital . . . now I am enjoying ham radio again. I have been active on PSK31 since March of this year, 2013. It is fun! I don't have to strain my poor hearing to make out call letters. Just click on the waterfall and "walla" you have a 599 contact. I have met many, many friends in the past seven months. I have worked WAC and lack one (WY) for my WAS digital. The DX is fantastic! County hunting is a little difficult . . . not many mobils out there giving out digitals.

I married to Marj in 1950, but lost her to cancer after 54 years, 2005. Very lonely for three years. I re-married to my widowed sister-in-law, Sharon in 2008. Sharon was my brother's wife, he died about the same time Marj died. I didn't even have to change her name. We are very happy and she is learning all the jargon. She knows QSLs, QRT, QSO, etc. Thats about enough stuff.


ABØC - Paul R. Poteet

October 6, 2013