AA4XA - Matt Matt Tinker - AA4XA
Russell, KY
QCWA # 32356
Chapter 214

I am honored to be able to be a candidate for the office of Director I look forward to serving and being an integral part of planning for the long term success of the QCWA. Being a multiple business owner, and active in the community has given me an understanding of setting and attaining goals that are reachabie and provide growth for everyone concerned.

I was first licensed in 1979 as KA9ENR, and attained my Extra ticket in 1981 as KK9Z. I later changed to my present call of W9PW. I have served as President of the Whitewater Valley Amateur Radio Club in Connersville, Indiana, helped found the Bluegrass Chapter No. 214 of the QCWA in Ashland, Kentucky, serving as President, President of our Church Board of Directors, and President, Vice President of Ashland Babe Ruth Baseball. I am a graduate of Indiana University, hold a Masters Degree from American Military University, and a graduate of the National Executive and Management Institutes, My professional career spans 26 years of sales and marketing management, until I purchased my current business enterprises.

It is my belief that the QCWA has the unique opportunity to become a leading voice for Amateur Radio on the national stage and at the local community level. Our Chapters are the life blood of our organization, and as such can offer the services of our Membership, that includes some of the most knowledgeable, and experienced Radio Amateurs in the world. If elected, I would like to help move the QCWA into a new era of involvement for our membership, and provide a resource for education, leadership, and service to Amateur Radio around the world. New technology, code free licenses, membership decline, and numerous issues face us as Amateur Radio operators. I hope, if elected, to see the QCWA both nationally and locally become a leader for the future of Amateur Radio.