AA4KN - David H. 'Dave' Jordan AA4KN

David H. 'Dave' Jordan
Orlando, FL

QCWA # 33769
Chapter 45

I began as WN4MJP in the early 70's. Moved up to general as N4CSI and finally to extra with AA4KN. My ham interests are amateur satellite, digital HF and CW. When working in the shack, I'm usually monitoring 12 or 10 meters JT-65 and at night, move to 20 or 40 meter JT-65 or Olivia mode. I serve as an AMSAT area coordinator for the Central Florida area. I'm involved in several aspects of the AMSAT and ARISS programs and in 2010/2011 served on the development team for the ARISSat-1 satellite here in Orlando. I began my career in electronics in the early 80's. I first worked as program manager and technician for Repco Inc. in Orlando and then joined Sawtek Inc. in Apopka, FL where I worked as an engineer. After 25 years in the business, I retired in 2005. I'm an advocate for integrating ham radio as a tool for promoting STEM initiatives within our education systems. I spend much of my time as an ARISS mentor for school ISS contacts. I also manage the ARISS facebook page an twitter account and generate much of the press releases and PR work for ARISS. I've also held ARISS and AMSAT presentations for Carole Perry's Instructor's forum at Dayton. I enjoy writing and have had articles published in the AMSAT Journal, CQ-VHF and QST. Some of my other interests are playing drums and guitar, audio field recording, video processing, writing, amateur astronomy, traveling and a growing interest in sailing.

February 18, 2017