George R. Tomlinson
Naples, FL

QCWA # 34393
Chapter 152
AA4GT - George R. Tomlinson

I been in Ham Radio since 1981. I lived in Morrisville PA until December 1997. I then moved to Naples FL in 1998. On September 2nd 2000 I Married Mary Carter from Memphis TN. Her call is NV4Z. Ive been a member of the YL System since June of 1984. I was a Control Op for some years. I belong to Ft Myers Radio Club, the Amateur Radio Association of Southwest Florida, the Penn Wireless Club of Langhorne PA,The Geratol Net, and to the County Hunters Net. I worked the Counties three times. I am now working for the forth time and I am closet to finishing. I have a Icom 756 Pro 3 with a Ameritron 811 HD Amp with a Carolina Windom for 40 meters up 75 feet. One station is a Kenwood TM 281 for 2 meters. I have a Icom 7000 for outside use On July 12th 2007 I passed my Extra class and December 11 th I upgraded from N3ISH to AA4GT.. I do have EQSL.

George, AA4GT

May 12, 2015