Isreal 'Izzy' Lavee
Haifa, Isreal

QCWA # 35058
4X1UN -  Isreal 'Izzy' Lavee

My name is Israel Lavee, but my friends are calling me Izzy

Was born on April 10, 1946 in Romania and immigrated to Israel when I was 2.

Licensed ham since April 1964 as 4X4NUF (novice) and I am active since.

in 1965 I got my general and my call sign changed to 4X4UF.

in 1966 got my extra class and my call changed to 4X1UF.

I am a professional electronic engineer and became a satellite communication specialist, installing satellite networks across the African continent for internet and telephony.

while in Africa, I obtained my local call in Nigeria 5N0SVL.

still very active and lately I am very active on HF mobile.

father of 2, Galit (36) girl and Ophir (33) son and from them I have 5 (so far) grand kids....

I love to travel both domestic and international and I do that very often.

I love music too (almost all kinds) but mostly Jazz, love also to dance, in particular the sixties dances.

March 9, 2013